Book:  What is your dangerous idea?
     / Edited by John Brockman /
Seeing Darwin in the light of Einstein;
Seeing Einstein in the light of Darwin.
  / by Lee Smolin.  /
   /  Page 115  /
Seeing Einstein in the light of Darwin suggests that
 natural selection could act not only on living things
 but on the properties defining the various species
 of elementary particles.
   /  Page 117  /
We physicists have now to understand Darwin’s lesson:
The only way to understand how one out of a vast number
 of choices was made, which favors improbable structure,
 is that is the result of evolution by natural selection.
   / Page 117 /
Now the only possible way of accounting for the laws of nature,
and for uniformity in general, is to suppose them results of
  / Page 118 /
And I believe that once this is achieved, Einstein and Darwin
 will be understood as partners in the greatest revolution
 yet in science, . . .
       / Lee Smolin.  /
On which biological level is  possible to use phrase:
 Darwinian natural selection, Darwin’s evolution ?
On which biological level does consciousness appear ?.

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