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Salvia and DMT seem to have NDE like effects

A common occurrence reported by users of Salvia Divinorum is that of having lived an entire alternate life in the few minutes of intoxication, and even being surprised and confused for a moment while the drug wears off that this is their real life and the one they remember was the drug induced one.

Yes, that's quite a Maury effect, indeed. Utterly amazing and sometimes extremely confusing. People who like the feeling of being in control can dislike it a lot. Salvia is not to kind with people taking high dose and then resisting.

Perhaps something akin the Maury Effect is happening, where the *memory* of having lived an entire alternate life is somehow created within the mind as result of the drug effect, which would then be 1p indistinguishable from actually having happened.

I think so. But since I experiment with salvia, I have realized, during the night, that with the "slow (non rem) sleep", there can be cascades of such Maury effects. For a second, you remember another life, then the second after another one, and then another one, but without some concentration, you forget them all very quickly. There might be a sort of unconscious decision process for the theme of the next (rem) dream, I dunno.

Salvia seems to have an uniquely dramatic effect on the mind's subjective experience of episodic and semantic memory, identity, body image, time duration, and consciousness.

Salvia might be the Hubble of introspection. It provides a lot of data, most of them quite *surprising*. It is of course hard to interpret the experience, notably for the "afterlife" effect, but from many reports it seems to have a verifiable "cure of the fear of death" effect, at least for some period. It seems it can cure many obsessions in general, and it seems it can be used to quit drugs, a bit like iboga, but in more than one session (unlike iboga).

It is a quite magical plant. I knock my head on the wall to figure out how some aspect of such an experience is just possible or memorizable (like the "out-of-time consciousness"). Even considered as an hallucination, it remains seemingly something impossible to experience. But salvia is quite gifted to teach that seeming is deceiving. It might confirms some comp weirdness though.

I wonder what could be learned about how the mind works by studying these in a scientific, experimental setting.

Dissociative in general are quite interesting. And salvia is highly selective in the dissociation, and seems to be very healthy and helpful, so such studies are needed, that's for sure.



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