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A common occurrence reported by users of Salvia Divinorum is that of having lived an entire alternate life in the few minutes of intoxication, and even being surprised and confused for a moment while the drug wears off that this is their real life and the one they remember was the drug induced one.

Yes, that's quite a Maury effect, indeed. Utterly amazing and sometimes extremely confusing.

This reminds me of the the Star Trek TNG episode "The Inner Light", where Picard lives a third of a lifetime in 25 minutes under the control of a space artifact they encounter. The artifact was created by a doomed race as a way of preserving/propagating their culture, and implants the memory of having lived as a resident of their planet into Picard. (One of the few ST episodes to get away from the technobabble and explore some real science fiction themes.)

Star Strek is cool.

Salvia might be the Hubble of introspection.

Just reading through the written experience reports on Erowid, it's amazing how completely different the subjective effects of Salvia are vs. more "traditional" psychedelic drugs. It's no wonder many of them end with "I will never do this again."

I tend to agree with you. My feeling is also that Salvia is rather quite different from the others, but I can't pretend to know so well all products. Salvia seems to me a *quite* amazing thing, with respect to, let us say, theological studies.

I wonder what could be learned about how the mind works by studying these in a scientific, experimental setting.

Dissociative in general are quite interesting. And salvia is highly selective in the dissociation, and seems to be very healthy and helpful, so such studies are needed, that's for sure.

Unfortunately, at least in the United States, the legal standards for public scientific studies of drugs require them to be conducted in the context of assessing their efficacy as therapeutic agents.

It is already clear that salvia has some efficacy as therapeutic agent, notably for diarrhea, nasal congestion, some type of migraine, addiction, obsession, depression, compulsive behavior, etc.

It's unlikely that any protocol would be approved that was simply designed to study the effects described above.

Yes, but it should not be difficult to make both studies at once, perhaps without saying. Especially that we can argue that therapeutic and spiritual might be related.

It's also pretty unlikely to ever be able to do a double-blind experiment with Salvia. :)

I can imagine some difficulties :)
(That's a technical problem only, though).

The world of pharmacologists try hard to not repeat the cannabis mistake. They will not present you this in this way, but there is apparently a real resistance by the pharmaceutical world to the illegality of salvia at the federal level in the US. There is a will of research based on an understanding of its importance due to its quite different and very selective biochemical action in the brain. That gives a bit of hope.

It is also a nonsense to make it illegal, as most young people want no more hear about drugs after a salvia experience! I heard that some parents have put strong salvia in "cannabis bag", in their home, to fail their children and disgust them of all drugs! (added: to make any drug illegal is a nonsense, actually, especially the most dangerous one).

The cosmic joke asks for a small but non null amount of spiritual maturity, to put it in that way. Well, that something the plant taught me apparently.



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