On Tue, Aug 13, 2013 at 01:08:40AM +0000, chris peck wrote:
> Hi Prof. Standish
> I read your paper 'Evolution in the Multiverse' and the related discussion in 
> your book.
> I'm not sure I really got it. My original interpretation was wrong, I think, 
> but went something like (by all means laugh at any howlers):
> there is the plenitude which is everything that could possibly be and it 
> 'exists' as a kind of cloud of quantum superpositions of states waiting to 
> decohere (collapse?). On measurement dechoerence traces out a history for 
> each viable universe with the AP setting the end point, the type of 
> intellegent organisms evolution must meet, with the SSA setting the most 
> likely starting point. In this way, for any universe, the AP and SSA kind of 
> govern the nature of life in the universe and combined can be seen as a kind 
> of selective principle. I then had this image of a bunch of universes 
> allowing life at varying degrees of sophistication peaking at the universe 
> with the ultimate brainy ET.


> But then I thought hang on, decoherence is copenhagen whereas Prof. Standish 
> is MWI so something is wrong. Im definately in a muddle here...

decoherence is MWI, collapse is Copenhagen.


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