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> Fascism unlike Communism (at the level of lip service at least) never
> preached a Universal Fascist state – an 1000 year Reich of one tribe over
> other inferior races maybe, but that idea lacks universal appeal.

And lip service (who wouldn't want a workers paradise?) is the only reason
that today people would have far more sympathy for Senator McCarthy if he'd
gone after Neo-Nazis instead of Communists, and in general lip service is
the one and only reason Communism has always seemed more respectable than
Nazism even though it has caused at least as much misery in the world. In
the 30's Stalin murdered millions of his own people and in the 20's Lenin
forced people to abandon their private farms and go to huge corrupt
monumentally inefficient collective farms with the result that millions
died of starvation;  In the 50's Mao did the exact same stupid thing in
China in the name of communism and at least 30 million starved to death. In
the 70's in Cambodia the communists murdered a greater percentage of their
population than any regime in the history of the world. In the 90's in
North Korea, a nightmare country as bad as anything George Orwell could
dream up, communism caused two million to starve to death while South
Korea, a country with the same culture and language but without communism
became a world economic powerhouse.

And yes half a century ago the CIA over through some 2 bit leaders in Chile
and Iran, big deal.

  John K Clark


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