There's a lot of difference between admiring Fascism and admiring Nazism. Fascism was the idea that a nation was a kind of super-organism consisting of people in different stations of life working together to achieve collective goals. It's not a philosophy of government I like, but it's not crazy either. It's roughly the way army's work. Nazism added superstitious beliefs in "blut und volk" and a virulent hatred of Jews and Roma as responsible for degeneration of a mythical Aryan culture. It adopted genocide as the policy for solving "the Jewish question."


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Jabotinsky, who is one of the most important historical figures of the development of Zionism in Israel was a great and open admirer of Mussolini and of the fascist ideology. Fascism -- during that period of history was seen as a futurist/modern ideology and was admired by many including many Americans of the time.

Does this mean Zionism and all modern Zionists love fascism -- a fair number of them seem to Lieberman for example -- but I hope you see how it is not fair to use Jabotinski's great admiration for fascism and for Mussolini to characterize modern Zionism. His affinity for fascism certainly probably influenced his development of the Iron Wall ideology of Zionism (read about it) so it has certainly shown up, especially amongst his ideological heirs in the Likud Party, but one cannot therefore characterize all Israeli's and even more all Jews as being therefore suspect of being fascists. That kind of idiocy would be shot down straight away; why is the same kind of false parallelism not shot down when the subject comes around to Muslims? Why the double standard?

Hope this illustration helps you understand how problematic it is to put, the peculiar affinities (for our way of looking at things) of historical figures into a modern context and use their ancient statements and beliefs to characterize whatever the movement or ideology, they had a part in founding, has evolved over the course of history since their times.


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The Al Bana brothers who essentially started up the MB, as opposed to similar movements, like Abu Salafia. They started the MB formally in 1928, and liked Mussolini's fascists (everybody did back then!) and followed forward in their love of Adolf when he achieved state power. Alberto is correct about the Baathists in Syria and Iraq, and many Muslim writers compare (favorably) Mein Kampf (struggle) with the commands to perform Jihad (struggle) against the Qfar (infidels). These writers and jurists see it as the same, sad to say. Christopher Hitchens (the atheist) and his friends got in a fight with members of the Syrian Nazi Party (part of Assad's coalition), and now Dawkins is actually comparing the Jihadist actions to the Reich (bully for Dawkins waking up). Cheers for Alberto's post as well.


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Just follow the tv of muslim countries, and specially, the political debates.

Google: hitler arab countries television

It can not be otherwhise since te nazis and the muslims share the same main goal. you know.

Abu Mazen, the leader of the PLO after Yasif Arafat wrote its doctoral thesis at the university about denial of the Holocaust.

The Baaz party that ruled Iraq and Siria are inspired directly by the Nazi 

There are hundred of examples of continuous praise of hitler or hitler-inspired ideas in the musling world.

If you search, you can find a lot of nazi flags waved by muslim fundamentalists. even on the top of mesquites

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On 8/21/2013 11:48 AM, Alberto G. Corona wrote:

    That Hitler is the most respected western figure in the muslim word is a 

What is the evidence for this?  Are there polls?



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