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> > by extension, should we not condemm Heisenberg for running the nazis,
> A-bomb program.

The fact that Heisenberg ran the Nazi A-bomb program indicates that he was
no expert in the field of ethics, but it in no way diminishes his claim for
being an expert in the field he is most famous for, physics. But philosophy
is the field that both Feyerabend and Popper are supposed to be experts in,
which makes there philosophical brain farts about Galileo and Darwin

Incidentally it is beyond dispute that Heisenberg ran the Nazi A-bomb
program very very poorly, some say this was just because of incompetence
but others say it was deliberate sabotage, if so then Heisenberg knew
something about ethics after all.

And I'm still waiting for somebody to tell me one thing that philosophers
have discovered in the last 2 centuries that is deep clear precise
unexpected and true that scientists or mathematicians had not discovered

  John K Clark

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