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It's a long time since I read "Wholeness" but I seem to recall coming to the conclusion that Bohm's version was like the MWI with one world singled out (somehow) to be "real".

Or am I getting mixed up? Was it him who had the idea of "pilot waves" ?

It was De Broglie, if I remember well.

Yet, de Broglie made clear that the piloting mechanism was local. Not sure he would have followed Bohm, who after Bell-Aspect, accepts a non local hidden variable theory, with a potential guiding the particle in a field described by the wave.

Note that the potential which guides a universe in a universal wave does emulate the entire multiverse. We still have alternate doppelgangers, but they are not made of particles, despite they participate to the same conversation, about waves consciousness and particles.

They are not made of particles, and I guess Bohm would agree (for his theory making sense) that they are not conscious. But with comp there are conscious, in the sense "as conscious as us". Bohm leads to explosion of the number of zombies with bodies lacking particles!

Bohm's theory, like Copenhagen formulation, postulates the universal wave (the QM multiverse) + a selection principle.

Everett's theory postulates the universal wave , but the selection is consciousness classical indeterminacy.
(This explains the illusion of the collapse)

Comp postulates + and *; and proves from that the existence of a multi- dream, then like in Everett, selection is consciousness classical indeterminacy.

(This explains (or must explain, by UDA) the illusion of the collapse *and* of the wave, i.e. the "non illusion" of matter, i.e. the arithmetical necessary probable perception of the wave in the mind of the average universal number.



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