On 9/26/2013 9:28 PM, LizR wrote:

I'm not sure that it's clear using the contents of consciousness, either. The thing is, if comp is right then there are definite computational steps that can be talked about, analysed and so on, but thoughts might be a long way above them. Thoughts may be huge constructs relative to the computational underpinnings, each one (perhaps) an ocean full of computational fish. But it isn't easy to imagine or discuss the computational steps down there at the Planck length (or whevever)... one can't get one's head around it.

But you'd have to measure the states, and what counts as a closest continuation, using those steps, ultimately - wouldn't you?

My idea is that all those computational underpinnings are instantiating the physics of your brain, body, environment and are necessary to support the constructs of conscious thought, which are more like little waves on the surface of the ocean of unconsciousness (i.e. physics). So your continuity of memory resides in this subconscious level, memories are stored in the physical structure of the brain. That's why I think the physical is necessary to underpin consciousness, whether the physical is fundamental or not.


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