On Thu, Sep 26, 2013 at 11:51:24PM +0000, chris peck wrote:
> Perhaps you don't, but it isn't important. I think it is generally accepted, 
> perhaps not on this list, that one would be banging at the walls of the 
> teleporter, screaming to be released, certain of impending death. That kind 
> of intuition. The kind it has been fruitful not to ignore in our evolutionary 
> past. ;)

Ah - perhaps I misread your previous characterisation. I had assumed
you meant that it took a minute or two for the copy to be
reconstituted, while the original was annihilated immediately. I see
Bruno read it that way too, as this is step 4 of the UDA.

But perhaps now you're asking us to consider the situation where instead there
is a delay in annihilation, such that the copy scheduled for
annihilation knows that e has been cloned, and that e has not

This is a sort of cul de sac experience, which has to be impossible to
create if QTI is true. The existence of a universal dovetailer entails
the lack of all cul de sac experiences (Comp immortality).

Of course if I ever did find myself in a cul de sac in the teleporter room,
I'd bang at the walls too! But then I would also know (rather briefly) that
COMP is false.


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