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>> And I don't understand the difference between "first person uncertainty"
>> and plain old fashioned uncertainty.
> > The difference is that from 3rd POV it is deterministic.

As I've said many times, being deterministic and being predictable is NOT
the same thing. Even if we restrict ourselves to just Newtonian physics
something can be 100% deterministic and still be 100% unpredictable even in
theory.  Even with all the information in the world sometimes the only way
to know what something will do is watch it an see because by the time
you've finished the calculation about what it will do it will have already
done it.

> POV plays a role.

It's not exactly a grand new discovery that point of view can play a role.

> So as I said to you before, be consistent and reject MWI. If you accept
> assigning a probability of seeing spin up/down before measuring, you should
> accept the same for Bruno's thought experiment, or you must reject both

I have absolutely no objection to assigning probability when it is
appropriate to do so, but I do object to using probability to assign
identity, because predictions, both good ones and bad, have nothing to do
with a feeling of self.

> or look like a fool.

In Bruno's thought experiment [YOU] walk into a duplicating chamber and
Bruno asks after the duplication, that is to say after you has been
duplicated, what is the probability that [YOU] will see this or that. When
John Clark asks "who is you?" Bruno responds that he could no more answer
that question than he could square a circle.  But even though Bruno admits
that he doesn't know what he means when he says [YOU] he still demands to
know what [YOU] will see. So who's the real fool around here?

  John K Clark

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