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If this was possible, wouldn't you choose it? If not, why not?
I have a recurring similar discussion with a friend: suppose you could
be put in a capsule on life support and given a steady supply of a
drug that makes you feel pure bliss for the rest of your natural life.
Would you agree? If not, why not?

Nietzshce would say, because human motivation is the will to power, the
satisfaction of accomplishment, creativity - not bliss or pleasure.  Which
makes sense from an evolutionary viewpoint.  People (and other animals) will
risk and suffer and sacrifice in order to procreate.  Freud saw this as the
most basis drive.
Sure, the biological program would prevent us from choosing heaven
itself. But it's interesting to become aware that this is the case.

No rational objections against bliss can be made. Bliss is, by
definition, the most desirable state of consciousness. It's the state
of consciousness were one doesn't long for any other state. And yet,
most of us would pass.

Or we have already chosen it.  As Nietzsche would say, "Love your fate."


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