On 10/21/2013 5:12 PM, Chris de Morsella wrote:

"Quantum physics is almost phrased in terms of information processing it's suggestive that you will find information processing at the root of everything."

Vlatko Vedral, University of Oxford

On so many levels the universe appears to operate at a binary level (up, down, +/-, spin and so many other properties)

But there's nothing about information that requires it be represented in binary. That's just the most efficient way found for electronic computers to work. Early on there were digital computers that worked in base three.

One of the fundamental aspects of reality that I have been curious about -- since hearing about the signal picked up (in 2008) by the GEO 600 gravitational wave detector in Hannover, Germany that seemed to suggest that space-time is pixelated -- is whether reality is pixelated. Is there a smallest pixel of space time (or does space time have infinite room at the bottom scale) If reality is pixelated at this fundamental level then it seems more likely to be computable; however if the Hannover signal was misinterpreted and even the smallest imaginable chunk of space time can forever be sub-divided into smaller and smaller space-time locus' or regions then computability becomes harder to imagine.

I'm not aware of that experiment (do you have a citation?). But a comparison of gamma ray burst delays from distant events has set very low bounds, 1/525 Planck lengths, to any discrete structure of spacetime.



Given the volume of posts on this list I am sure this has been talked about before, after all its not new news. I am wondering if the Hannover signals (and the interpretation of those signals) have been reconfirmed or not.



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