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    On 11/6/2013 6:18 PM, LizR wrote:
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        There's a continuum of behavior which at the extreme absence of empathy 
we call
        psychopathy or sociopathy.  But that doesn't mean more empathy is 
        Sometimes it's good to be hard hearted. Should we have been nicer to the

    We'll never know. But we do know we evolved to cope with a world that is 
very far
    removed from the one we have. Is there any reason to believe evolution got
    everything right? We've already made changes to other aspects of our being, 
    physically and psychologically. But certain aspects of our behaviour still 
seem to
    be stuck in a distant past when life was almost always nasty, brutish and 

    Indeed I think we have evolved significantly over the last 10,000yrs.  Just 
look at
    the difference between wolves and dogs.  If we've adapted wolves to 
    like that, it's pretty certain that we have been adapted too, by the 
    selection of culture.  But I'd beware to trying to create the Ubermensch by 
    engineering (c.f. Greg Egan's short story "Eugene" in "Axiomatic").

I can assure you life was often nasty brutish and short far more recently than 10,000 years ago.

Sure, and we've no doubt adapted to dealing with our fellow brutes.

But I'm afraid you've contradicted yourself :) ... if we've adapted our genome culturally, we're /already/ creating the ubermensch by genetic engineering.

Selective breeding isn't exactly genetic engineering. Of course the Ubermensch may turn out to an AI system plus robots.


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