Thanks for uploading it, great job!

Here's what I propose to re-interpret QM:


Beams exist only within the experience of the various participants, not as 
literal beams across a vacuum. There are no literal waves or particles. 
What is happening is that the stimulated physical components are arranged 
to reflect their stimulation to each other, which occurs in a physical 
frame of time that is essentially timeless. The physical layer, I am saying 
is the most primitive layer of experience, within which space and time 
divergence is generated. Light does not happen in spacetime, spacetime 
happens in experience (which is light, or any other sensation).

On the right hand side, the topological layers of sensitivity slow down the 
instant and recapitulate larger and larger chunks of eternity into each 
frame of awareness. 

I tried to show how the footprint of the inanimate objects extends all the 
way down to the bottom, but remains indifferent to the spatiotemporal 
strata on the right hand side. Not the best diagram, I admit, but maybe 
gives some sense of the model I suggest.



On Sunday, November 10, 2013 4:49:00 AM UTC-5, Jason wrote:

> All,
> I've put together a primer on QM, as I think in the process of explaining 
> something in simple terms can help improve one's understanding of a given 
> subject.  I thought I would share it with this list in case it might help 
> anyone else. I also welcome any feedback anyone has to offer regarding it.
> Jason

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