On 11/11/2013 5:04 PM, Alberto G. Corona wrote:
Every science whose conclusions have effects in politics has a high risk of being manipulated. In the URSS and here. From Anthropology to long term Meteorology to everything in the middle. The one that does not realize that is poor fool who does not know how the world works and has replaced with all his innocent stupidity the fairy tales of the past with the fairy tales of supposed sciences.

If you read the mails of the East Anglia Climategate scandal, One of the main concern of the Warmists were about to keep in control over the peer reviewing mechanism of the main scientific magazines Long interchanges of mails were devoted to talk about stablishing barriers in the peer reviewed magazines by perverting the PR mechanisms.

Because they had already seen the process being manipulated by the well funded Deniers and their political allies.

The fact is that peer reviewing is not a guaranty, on the contraty. It acts as an ideological filter rather than as a quality filter in every discipline in which politics and scientists benefit from mutual cooperation by interchanging money for ideological ammunition.

Yes, some scientists might be biased - so we should assumed you deniers have the truth on the basis of no evidence except that in the past some scientists have been biased.


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