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    Hi Alberto,

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    > Yes.
    > I proposed myself not to argue against sectarian apocalypticists because
    > that is a waste of time,

    Mentioning apocalyptic narratives is an important point. These are a
    fairly common social phenomena across History and they seem to be a
    coping mechanism of people who are unhappy with some status quo, and
    that also don't understand its complexities. The biblical apocalypse
    in the context of the Roman Empire is one example. Another one is the
    Illuminati conspiracy theories. They come from people who feel they
    got a bad deal from life and initiate this fantasy were the status quo
    is evil and it's going to get what's coming.

That is exactly right. but it is necessary to distinguish between passive and active apocalipticism. The passives do not claim an special knowledge of nature. They believe in a supernatural phenomenon, and they rest waiting. The active ones believe in a natural apocalypse and claim an special knowledge of reality, so they reject any critics and are either open revolutionaries (like the marxists) or have a hidden agenda to subvert the social order. The core of their motivations are megalomania, pride and will of power.

This is from Voegelin:

The public interest has shifted from the nature of man to the nature of nature and to the prospects of domination its exploration opened; and the loss of interest even turned to hatred when the nature of man proved to be resistant to the changes dreamed up by intellectuals who want to add the lordship of society and history to the mastery of nature.

"Add"?  Despotic kings long preceded the Enlightenment and the idea of 
individual freedom.

And this from Vaklav Klaus, formet Czech president, that know first hand the ideological predecessors of the eco-alarmists:

A guy who was oppressed by the Communist Part and the Soviet Union two of the *most* un-environmentalist organizations *ever*, and he want's to blame it on "eco-alarmist"?? It is to laugh.

The debate on global warming is not about temperatures and CO2 levels. It is an ideological war between those who want to change us (not the weather) and those who believe in freedom, markets, human ingenuity and technological progress. Advocates of climate alarmism ask an unprecedented expansion of government intervention in our lives. We are being forced to accept rules about how to live, what to do, how to behave, what to buy, what to eat, how to travel. Is unacceptable.

But that's nonsense. Typical straw-man "the environmentalist are out to get us". Let's see some actual quote of a respected environmentalist saying they believe in freedom, markets, human ingenuity and technological progress.


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