On 02 Dec 2013, at 13:39, Samiya Illias wrote:

I agree that God is consistent. In my understanding, God is perfect in every possible meaning of the word.

Is God perfect for the children in Syria? (Easy question on an hard subject)

Here, you might hope that God will succeed in consolating them and that everything is OK. But that state of mind might make us accept more easily the tragedies, and that fatalism ... might be fatal for the incarnation of the good.

The question, put in a another way, who are you to judge God's perfection?

You might, like Gödel, assume that God has all positive attributes and as such is perfect, and one day we will understand the tragedies, but I am not sure such a God makes sense for the universal machines.

If it makes sense, then I am willing to bet it is a truth belonging to G*, and not G. That would mean that God was perfect ... until you said so.

The theological truth must remain silent, or be justified from some shared assumptions.

If you say God is perfect to those who lost people they care about, it might be impolite, and you will again fuel atheism.

Hell is paved with the best intentions.

God might also not be perfect, and you might have the right to be angry against She/Him/It.

I was objecting to the assertion below that 'Most theistic philosophers and theologians who have considered the issue agree that God did not create the laws of math and logic, and does not have the power to alter them (or any other "necessary" truths,

God created logic and the integers, and arithmetic. Then he said "Oops!".

Analysis, Topology, Algebra, Physics, History, Geography, archeology and Theology are tools for the integers to understand themselves.

Truth already warns the numbers: the path is infinite and there are surprises.



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