On 12/2/2013 1:55 AM, Bruno Marchal wrote:
wants to be worshiped, judges people and rewards and punishes them.

That's a legend used to put people in place so that they will be worshiped, so that they can judged other people, reward and punish them.

Why do you credit such things. Why can you believe that we should listen to them? You are the one giving them importance, and by arguing against a scientific approach to "God, souls, afterlife, meaning, etc." you will maintain the current fairy tale aspect in theology, and you will contribute in maintaining them in power.

I don't credit such things. But the idea is important because so many people believe it - and you are the one that gives them support by writing that God is really an important rational concept, using the name of the bearded man in the sky they believe in when you really mean something completely different. So it is important to say the idea is a fairy tale.

The scientific approach to "Gods" is to say they are a failed hypothesis - not to redefine the word. I realize that science redefines common words too, like "energy", but those new definitions subsume the common terms. Your "God" has no overlap with the common usage of the Big Daddy in the sky.


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