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            Probabilities add up to one...

        Which probabilities are you referring to here?

    The probabilities applies only on your continuation, the partitioning of the
    infinity of continuations where you're alive are the probabilities to find 
    in such continuation or such other, those adds up to one...

Think of it like this: There are 10,000 explanations for your current experience. 9,950 are various physical and biological instances of you living on Earth, 30 instances are various ancestor simulations run by future humans, 15 are by advanced aliens in other universes, and 5 are by Drelb-like entities. If you shoot yourself in the head with a quantum gun, 4,975 of the 9,950 biological instances are dead, and 25 of the 50 simulated ones awaken from the simulation. You pull the trigger again, and 2488 of the 4975 biological survivors from the first trigger pull are dead, and 13 of the 25 simulated survivors wake up from their simulation. Note that with each trigger pull, the proportion who are still alive (either in the simulation or having awoken from it) remains the same: at 50, while the population of physical/biological entities is cut in half each time. After another 12 or so trigger pulls the only remaining survivors will be those that were simulated, and all of them now find themselves in a different realm.

?? They were in a different realm all along.


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