On 12/5/2013 1:41 AM, Bruno Marchal wrote:
But what has happened is that science has taken away more and more of their 

It was in the domain at the start. Science is only a lamp, not a truth. It is a way to look at any domain.

And the way science looks at a domain is to make models and test them by observation and manipulation. If the models are comprehensive, consilient, have predictive power, then they are tentatively accepted in sense of being assumed in support of other studies. That's why I think that when we are able to make robots that behave like humans we will have models of "conscious thought" that are much more "fine grained" than we do now. But conversely we will not longer think "What is consciousness to be sensible question."

It is just that very often humans get attached to some theory, and are followed by the "don't ask" attitude by those who coerce for some statu quo.

And very often humans have gotten attached to the wrong question and have wasted centuries theorizing over answers.


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