A good exposition. It doesn't address the questions of the alignment of thermodynamic, radiation, and spacetime expansion though. This paper may be of interest:

 Arrows of Time in the Bouncing Universes of the No-boundary Quantum State

James Hartle <http://arxiv.org/find/hep-th/1/au:+Hartle_J/0/1/0/all/0/1>,Thomas Hertog <http://arxiv.org/find/hep-th/1/au:+Hertog_T/0/1/0/all/0/1> (Submitted on 9 Apr 2011 (v1 <http://arxiv.org/abs/1104.1733v1>), last revised 16 Apr 2012 (this version, v3))

   We derive the arrows of time of our universe that follow from the 
no-boundary theory
   of its quantum state (NBWF) in a minisuperspace model. Arrows of time are 
   four-dimensionally as properties of the four-dimensional Lorentzian 
histories of the
   universe. Probabilities for these histories are predicted by the NBWF. For 
   with a regular `bounce' at a minimum radius we find that fluctuations are 
small at the
   bounce and grow in the direction of expansion on either side. For 
   classical histories with big bang and big crunch singularities we find that 
   fluctuations are small near one singularity and grow through the expansion 
   recontraction to the other singularity. The arrow of time defined by the 
growth in
   fluctuations thus points in one direction over the whole of a recollapsing 
   but is bidirectional in a bouncing spacetime. We argue that the 
   thermodynamic, and psychological arrows of time are aligned with the 
   arrow. The implications of a bidirectional arrow of time for causality are 


On 12/4/2013 3:37 AM, Alberto G. Corona wrote:
Yes there is no loss of information/at the lowest level,/ that is at the quantum level . But at the lowest level, there is NO notion of HEAT. only speeds and momentums of elementary particles. HEAT and temperature and entropy are statistical parameters, words used in the macroscopical laws to define sum of energies and mean energies or disorder of particles because the energy of each particle is not know at the human scale but each particle carry all the information intact.

THe post is talking about the loss of information contained in a macrostate consisting of a phisical bit of information stored in a macroscopical object. For example a gate. The conservation of information on the laws of physics refers to the information of the microstates. not macrostates, whose information can be lost. and loss of information in a macrostate generate increase of entropy by the following reason:

in terms of state, an increase of entropy is produced when we pass from a macrostate with less possible microstates to other with more possible microstates. At the beginning we have one macrostate , for example 1 formed by all the possible configurations of electrons in a gate when it stores a 1. when erased, we have a macrostate that may be one of the possible configurations of electrons that may be in a gate with a 1 OR a 0 or a neutral state. So the entropy has increased because the new macrostate (erased) has more microstates than the original. the disorder has increased. How that entropy increase is produced in the erase depend on the process. It may be by means of a short circuit in the gate. The electrons circulate and hit the atoms producing heat. the potential electric energy of attraction produces cynetic energy in the atoms and heat.

The microstate-macrostate transition is the same case that happens when we have a gas of different types confined in a room and other room empty. When we communicate the rooms, the gas expand and fill both rooms, the entropy increased because the final macrostate admits more possible configurations speeds and positions of particles in the two rooms . Something similar, not equal, happens with gas of electrons in a gate. Measured in termodinamical terms, the temperature decreased and the entropy measured in termodinamical terms delta Q/T has increased. Q is the thermal energy or heat.

However the process is different. in the first case, potential energy is dissipated and there is increase of Q, in the other the potential energy is dissipated against the vacuum and produces reduction of T. Q/T seems to be proportional to the number of microstates in a macrostate.

The availability of information in the form of macrostates when entropy is low is what permits living beings to compute in order to anticipate the future and survive. That can only happen in the direction of entropy increase. I wrote something all of this here:


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