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Hey everyone,

Here is a question for Bruno (and anyone else who wants to chime in) --

I came across this post over at Sean Carroll's Preposterous Universe blog, wherein he seems to be claiming that the relationship between information, entropy, and physical processes is pretty well in the bag, i.e. it is well understood by physicists and it seems that the concept of information can be cashed out entirely in terms of physical processes.

What does this do to your thought experiment and your Platonic orientation towards questions of information theory?

It would help to close the circles, and to understand where the quantum information can be explained in elementary arithmetic.

The thought experiment is of the deduction type. No amount of facts can change it, but those facts can give help to progress.

How would you go about explaining the deep relationship between entropy, information, and the physical evolution of the universe?

By deriving the physics from machine's psychology as UDA shows the necessity to do. What do you want more than what I have already explained? The problems are now math problem in arithmetic. Not sure about what you seem to miss. Perhaps the FPI, like most scientists. Are you OK with all steps in the UDA. This really should answer your question.




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