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    Describe an experience which gives sense to multiverses.

    The Young two slits.

    Only in some interpretations.

Everett's idea explains the appearance of collapse without supposing it, so it is more rightfully called a theory. It is also the only theory under which QM is compatible with the well-established principles of locality, causality, and determinism. If you believe in QM, and any of those principles, Everett is your only option.

Determinism is far from "well established".

The only reason single-universe ideas haven't already been refuted is that they are ambiguously defined. That is, they make no explicit predictions as to when or how collapse happens, so whenever interference is demonstrated with larger and larger systems, defenders of collapse just adjusting the line.

That and the fact that they are unobservable. All those phenomena cited to show there is a multiverse, like Young's slits, require that the interference happen in this universe - so those "other universes" are not so "other".


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