It seems to me that your invocation of platonism is wrong. For Plato the
reality is a shadow of the perfect world of ideas, universals that we can
"remember" by anamnesis.

But for you reality is a partial dream, but coherent or "robust" product of
the aleatory  Dovetailer Machine, and sometimes we have access to that
nonsense by our dreams and hallucinations.

So in fact the reality, as the the platonic realm is just the opposite of
the one of the UDA: it is full of structure and perfect, while the UDA
produces every kind of thing possible.

So at the end while Plato pressuposes order the UDA pressuposes that there
are tree elements that produce everithing that exist, and those that does
not exist.

Al the end there are two theories of everithing: In the beginning there was
order and mind or at the beginning there was some kind of primitive matter
and chaos. Plato theory is in the first case. Yours appears to be in the
second. What is your route from chaos to Plato?


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