ST=spacetime, c=speed of light, thus STc Principle.

To answer some of Jason's questions. Block time is wrong. Only the common 
present moment exists. All the comments Jason makes refer only to 
differences in clock times which are well known, but the important point is 
that all those differences in clock time occur in the SAME common present 
moment.. I find it difficult to understand why so many people can't get 
their minds around the difference which proves there are two distinct kinds 
of time.

The past exists only as inferences from the present as to what states would 
have resulted in the present according to the currently known laws of 
physics. Therefore the past is actually determined by the present state of 
reality from the perspective of the present which is the only valid 
perspective. Therefore the logical network of past and present is absolute 
100% exact and could not have been different in even the slightest detail. 
The actual currently state of the universe falsifies the very possibility 
of other pasts. This is another difficult concept for many. 

Only the future is probabilistic because it does not yet exist and has 
never been computed. But the past - present logical state has been actually 
computed and thus is completely deterministic now that it exists and it 
could not have been different in any minute detail at all.

This solves the problem of the original fine tuning. Given the current 
state of reality which is all that exists, all other conceivable fine 
tunings are impossible. This is what I call the 'Super Anthropic 
Principle', and it negates the necessity and probably the actuality of 
postulating any multiverses and strongly implies our observable universe is 
most probably the only one that exists.


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