On 12/25/2013 11:29 AM, Edgar L. Owen wrote:
Hi Howard,

Your comments pertain (correctly) to clock time but not to P-time, the time of the present moment. It is clear that the t's of clock time differ between clocks according to relativistic conditions.

You need to understand that the present moment is independent of any particular clock time, it is the common present moment WITHIN which all clock times may have different t values.

When the space traveling twins reunite with different clock time t values they ALWAYS reunite in the exact same present moment.

Seems like a mere definition. What's the operational meaning? All clocks measure propertime along their worldlines. What measure's P-time? Your examples only imply that two people *at the same place* can agree on "now". But it doesn't follow that they can agree about "now" on Jupiter.


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