On 26 December 2013 04:21, Edgar L. Owen <edgaro...@att.net> wrote:

> Bruno, and Samiya,
> Because there can be no creator sustainer God that stands outside the
> universe. Where would he/it stand? That's an irrational belief from
> millennia ago. The universe by definition is all that exists...
>  ...and not merely everything we observe to exist, which after all keeps
expanding as we learn new ways of looking. It's only 100 years since the
discovery of the rest of the universe!!!

I exaggerate slightly. It's actually only 86 years since Lemaitre
postulated that the universe might be expanding. Some people alive today
were born when we didn't even know about the cosmological redshift...!

Then there was the discovery of radio astronomy and quasars and pulsars and
dark energy, missing out a few steps along the way. Whether we have
finished yet seems unlikely. So who knows whether there is somewhere "for
God to stand" ? Seems unlikely, but maybe we aint seen nuffin yet.

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