On 28 December 2013 15:31, Stephen Paul King <stephe...@provensecure.com>wrote:

> Hi Jason,
>   Could you discuss the "trace of the UD" that LizR mentioned? How is it
> computed? Could you write an explicit example? I have never been able to
> grok it.
> This is something that I also find it rather hard to get my head around. I
think the argument goes that the trace of the UD exists in arithmetic,
along with all other computations, and indeed everything else (infinity is
a big place, I guess...!)

The hard bit is understanding how one state of UD* can "know" that it is
part of a computation when it's just "there" (a bit like a slice thru a
block universe, perhaps). Perhaps this involves something like Fred Hoyle's
pigeon hole idea from "October the first is too late" - a fab book, by the
way, as I imagine everyone here already knows.

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