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> Hi Jason,
>   Could you discuss the "trace of the UD" that LizR mentioned? How is it
> computed? Could you write an explicit example? I have never been able to
> grok it.
Bruno has written an actual UD in the LISP programming language.  I will
write a simple one in pseudo-code below:

List listOfPrograms = new List[]; # Empty list
int i = 0;
while (true)
   # Create a program corresponding to the binary expansion of the integer i
   Program P = createProgramFromInteger(i);

   # Add the program to a list of programs we have generated so far

   # For each program we have generated that has not halted, execute one
instruction of it
   for each (Program p in listOfPrograms)
     if (p.hasHalted() == false)

   # Finally, increment i so a new program is generated the next time
   i = i + 1;

Any program, and whether or not it ever terminates can be translated to a
statement concerning numbers in arithmetic. Thus mathematical truth
captures the facts concerning whether or not any program executes forever,
and what all of its intermediate states are. If these statements are true
independently of you and me, then the executions of these programs are
embedded in arithmetical truth and have a platonic existence.  The first,
second, 10th, 1,000,000th, and 10^100th, and 10^100^100th state of the UD's
execution are mathematical facts which have definite values, and all the
conscious beings that are instantiated and evolve and write books on
consciousness, and talk about the UD on their Internet, etc. as part of the
execution of the UD are there, in the math.


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