Once more unto the breach...

On 30 December 2013 14:19, Edgar L. Owen <edgaro...@att.net> wrote:

> Step 1: Two observers stand together with the same clock times on their
> watches and shake hands. By direct observation they confirm they share both
> the same actual present moment time, and the same clock time.
> Step 1 is an event in space time. We can agree that the observers to a
good approximation share the same present moment at that event.

> Step 2: One observer makes a 1 year space flight at relativistic
> acceleration while the other remains where he was. During this period both
> observers continuously exist in their own actual present moment, and their
> clocks appear to progress at a constant proper time rate.

Step 2 involves the observers taking different paths through space time.
Their present moments exist for them but can't be shown by any experiment
to be "the same" (in fact the concept is meaningless during this step).

> Step 3. The traveling observer returns and shakes hands with the observer
> who remained behind. Again, by direct observation they both confirm they
> both share the exact same actual present moment time but their clock times
> are no longer the same. Their actual present moment times are the same, but
> their clock times are not simultaneous.
> Step 3 is an event in space time. It occurs at a 4 dimensional point. We
can agree that the observers to a good approximation share the same present
moment at that event.

> At this point it is obvious that actual present time and clock time are
> two different things. Both observers confirm this by direct observation.

No it isn't, and no they don't. One has aged less than the other, and
observes that he has arrived at this event (say) one year after their last
meeting, yet oddly this corresponds to a point two years after their last
meeting for the other guy. They observe that their present moments, have
become disconnected. Space-guy's present moment is now a year behind
Earth-guy's, and if they had had the mouths of wormholes with them on their
travels they might even be able to exploit this different to travel through
time (though that's rather speculative).

I wait the hand waving refutation - which will only involve words, rather
than maths or diagrams - with tired resignation.

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