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> Obviously that does not necessarily follow but Mr Owen has invested so
> much in his idea (he's written a book - self-published one might assume)
> that he is incapable of seriously questioning it any more.

Sigh. That was my first assumption, but I hesitated to say it aloud because
it's rather sad to be caught in the "prior investment fallacy" - God knows
I staying in a bad marriage for a long time because of it, before finally
waking up to reality and cutting my losses.


I might just take this opportunity to apologise to Andrew Soltau for having
only managed to read about 1 chapter of *his* book. Had we but world enough
and time, I know, my coyness would be no crime. But all the time I seem to
hear time's winged chariot drawing near - which is an inducement to skip
all but the very best-presented of theories, and even those get short
thrift (I'm still only half way through David Deutsch's "Beginning Of
Infinity" and with one or two caveats I worship his ideas).

Although I also admit I have done several *Times* crosswords in the last
week. Some difficult-to-grasp ideas are just too tempting, like this one...

"Swapped rounds from his severance!" (10)

PS if anyone can tell me the answer to that clue (which I admit is one of
mine) you will get a "CIGAR!" :-)

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