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>>>   Round and round we go... This sentence "It emerges because instants
>>> are connected to each other in a way that makes there appear to be smooth
>>> change between them." does not explain anything. I have read just about
>>> every book and paper that attempts to explain time away. All fail on this
>>> point. None offer any reason for the illusion of change to be there in the
>>> first place. If we point to a sequence (of numbers, events, states,
>>> whatever) we still need to explain how that particular sequence is the one
>>> that just "happened". No, it could not "Happen".
>>  A good way to visualise a block universe is like the frames of a movie
>> stacked on top of each other. The books, papers etc you read are not
>> attempting to "explain time away" - they are attempting to explain how time
>> arises from the relevant equations. (Actually, I suspect that you are
>> betraying a personal bias against the idea by using that phrase, so I may
>> be wasting my typing fingers here! But anyway...)
>>  You are asking what connects the frames together. The answer is the
>> laws of physics. In the Newtonian and Relativistic views this is what the
>> laws of physics are - equations which describe how things change over time.
>> They describe a block universe.
>>  Asking why one sequence of events "just happened" is assuming there has
>> to be an external time in which one sequence is selected, or evolves, or
>> otherwise occurs. In "classical" relativity this question is answered by
>> saying that the block universe is the only possible outcome of the laws of
>> physics, assumed to be deterministic. So we have a Laplace's demon type
>> answer. Quantum theory, in the form of the MWI gives a broader answer by
>> allowing all events allowed by the probabalistic laws of physics to occur.
>> A block multiverse has no need to evolve or select a sequence of events,
>> because all sequences compatible with the laws of physics occur.
>> But QM requires initial conditions too.  Do you propose a multiverse in
>> which all possible (logically non-contradictory) initial conditions obtain?
> That is the logical conclusion if one starts from some sort of "theory of
> nothing" - to specify all possible starting conditions requires less
> information than any specific ones. Max Tegmark suggests that the universe
> is ONLY the relevant "mathematical structure" and doesn't require any extra
> information, which implies all possible starting conditions and their
> outcomes are latent in the equations.... (somehow.... A visit from Smaug
> may be required, but I suspect not.)
> Well, that's my take on it, at least. Does that sound (at all) reasonable?

Sorta... I like the Theory of Nothing. It is a neutral monism that I can
buy, but I assume that Becoming is "fundamental": change exists at all
levels - this can happen when we reject a global timing scheme! The neat
thing is that a change is not a "thing", at best it is a transition between
a pair of things...

  I have a very bad cold so my thinking/writing skills are degraded...

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