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> Hi LizR,
>  Round and round we go... This sentence "It emerges because instants are
> connected to each other in a way that makes there appear to be smooth
> change between them." does not explain anything. I have read just about
> every book and paper that attempts to explain time away. All fail on this
> point. None offer any reason for the illusion of change to be there in the
> first place. If we point to a sequence (of numbers, events, states,
> whatever) we still need to explain how that particular sequence is the one
> that just "happened". No, it could not "Happen".

A good way to visualise a block universe is like the frames of a movie
stacked on top of each other. The books, papers etc you read are not
attempting to "explain time away" - they are attempting to explain how time
arises from the relevant equations. (Actually, I suspect that you are
betraying a personal bias against the idea by using that phrase, so I may
be wasting my typing fingers here! But anyway...)

You are asking what connects the frames together. The answer is the laws of
physics. In the Newtonian and Relativistic views this is what the laws of
physics are - equations which describe how things change over time. They
describe a block universe.

Asking why one sequence of events "just happened" is assuming there has to
be an external time in which one sequence is selected, or evolves, or
otherwise occurs. In "classical" relativity this question is answered by
saying that the block universe is the only possible outcome of the laws of
physics, assumed to be deterministic. So we have a Laplace's demon type
answer. Quantum theory, in the form of the MWI gives a broader answer by
allowing all events allowed by the probabalistic laws of physics to occur.
A block multiverse has no need to evolve or select a sequence of events,
because all sequences compatible with the laws of physics occur.

That answers the question of how this particular sequence "just happens"
for both GR *and *QM!


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