I too await your answer to this simple question with great interest. Your
statment that "it's the horizontal grid lines of the graph paper itself
that represent present time" indicates that present time is a preferred
frame of reference. Specifically, it is the frame in which those lines
*are*horizontal, which is the rest frame of the Earth. Once you've
Jason's question, I will be interested to know what singles out that
preferred frame, and what experimentally observable consequences that will
have (does your theory involve going back to a geocentric viewpoint, as
well as a Newtonian version of absolute time?)

I think you may suspect Einstein was on to something here, and I think you
may be getting close to getting it. It's really quite a simple obvious
concept. You just have to put aside the old paradigm of a single kind of
time and think it through.

But first, the $64,000 question...

How old is Sam when Pam arrives at Proxima Centauri?

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