On 19 January 2014 05:54, Stephen Paul King <stephe...@provensecure.com>wrote:

> Dear Bruno,
> I do not claim that UDA is "flawed". I claim it is incomplete and based on
> a false premise. The problem is the assumption that one can reason as if
> the physical world does not exist and discuss ideas that imply the
> existence of Becoming and measures there of (time) all the while using
> axioms that forbid their existence. It is the sound of one hand clapping in
> a mind that cannot imagine air.

I don't see why any of AR implies the existence of becoming. Nor do I
understand how Bruno gets computations out indexically. I suspect you
don't, either, so you assume he uses "becoming" - if so we both need to
know exactly what Bruno is arguing actually happens (I use the word under
erasure!) before we can have an opinion on whether he's right or not.

I have to ask, do you accept block universes? If not imho you're probably
arguing from a false premise yourself.

>   The UDA can be useful and it is interesting, but it is a castle built in
> midair and expected to float free because the designer does not admit the
> existence of gravity.

"That's fighting talk!" :-)

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