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> If only we all thought like you, the world would be fixed, eh?

Concerning that I think I'll just quote Gore Vidal:  "there is no human
problem which could not be solved if people would simply do as I advise".

> > Or, if the climate change doesn't fit all the models, that have been
> proposed by the IPCC, then all we have to do is wait?

Exactly. I wouldn't advise stop emitting greenhouse gasses and
impoverishing the world right now to fix something that may not even be
broken and even if it is won't cause big problems for a century or so.
Right now I don't even think it's time to implement Nathan Myhrvold's
astronomically cheaper solution to global warming. However in the future if
there are not just climate model predictions of lots and lots of warming
but we are already experiencing it, and this warming turns out to be a bad
thing, then it might be time to try something like Myhrvold's solution
because if it doesn't work as planned we can just shut off a valve.

What I hate is the hypocrisy of environmentalists, they claim to occupy the
moral high ground but they are willing, even gleeful, to let billions of
people starve to death for their sinful (environmentally insensitive)
lifestyle. And then they say we shouldn't try to stop the carnage with
something like Myhrvold's idea because that would be too dangerous and it's
blasphemous to even mention it.

 John K Clark

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