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> On Sat, Oct 18, 2014  Platonist Guitar Cowboy <multiplecit...@gmail.com>
> wrote:
> >Lebowski caricature in Hollywood flick quote above utters perhaps a
>> stronger statement:
>> "Yeah, well... that's just like your uhmm.. opinion, man."
> Can anybody translate this for me? What on earth this man talking about?
Perhaps it's sort of machine's theological universal refutation statement.

Concerning "God theory can explain absolutely positively NOTHING, zero
zilch nada goose egg." it could mean that somebody could believe to be able
to apply and/or learn from Russell's paradox, infinities, collection of all
sets, why ZF has to restrict on axiom of comprehension in relation to this
etc., as these ideas seem to imply existence of the kinds of transcendental
objects/gods/entities that have the potential to escape our understanding.
That person could hold that in a given theory we can indeed work with,
around, away from, or against such concepts; thereby explaining a variety
of scientific problems and refuting your absolute statement on what any
"god theory" can/cannot explain.

Such a someone, Lebowski in this example, would see your statement on "God
theory" as excessive and as rigid unscientific belief. Just an opinion
ignoring standard and established scientific search and facts by reference
to certain theories. It would be wishful thinking to them. PGC

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