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            *Let's simplify the model. Instead of a Nitrogen
            molecule, consider a free electron at rest in some
            frame. Its only degree of freedom is spin IIUC. Is it
            your claim that this electron become entangled with its
            environment via its spin WF, which is a superposition
            of UP and DN? Does this spin WF participate in the
            entanglement? TIA, AG*

            The electron's spin dof can only become entangled with
            the environment by an interaction with the environment.


        Does that happen spontaneously, in the absence of a
        measurement? AG

        Define "measurement".


    Isn't this one of the big unsolved problems in QM? How would you
    explain spontaneous entanglement?

    I've never heard the term and I don't know what it means.


You're way too modest. Take the case of a free Nitrogen molecule. It's isolated, thus not entangled,

?? The "thus" doesn't follow.

but becomes entangled due to some interaction with its environment, what I call "spontaneous entanglement".


Or better yet, consider electron with spin its only DoF. How does it become entanglement if Joe the Plumber doesn't perform an SG experiment?

I dunno.  It collides with a He atom.  It passes near a magnet. It can get entangled with something else lots of different ways.

Specifically, when spontaneous entanglement occurs, what role has spin wf in this process?

The interaction Hamiltonian of the system wf (electron+stuff it's interacting with) had a term involving the magnetic moment of the electron.

I'm trying to understand the general process whereby free systems become entangled with their environments, which, IIUC, is a key process in decoherence. AG

Entangled doesn't necessarily mean "entangled with the environment".


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