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            What would it mean to "understand it" besides being able
            to use the equations to make correct inferences?


        It's an ostensible contradiction with relativity that
        information transfer cannot be instantaneous. Now please
        don't use the semantic dodge that there is no information
        transfer because it's just an "influence". AG*

        It's not a semantic dodge.  It's a provable consequence of
        quantum randomness that correlations can't be used to
        transfer information FTL.


    *We all know, or should, that an informational message cannot be
    sent using non locality, but something is sent -- aka an
    INFLUENCE, which I call a dodge -- instantaneously regardless of
    distance. Not understandable with our current understanding of
    space-time. AG *

    See above.


*Another dodge. You've got two separated subsystems, provably separated, but "non separable". Gotta luv it. AG *

Separated in spacetime doesn't mean separated in Hilbert space.


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