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                *But since the momentum of either particle doesn't
                pre-exist the measurement, there is a FTL influence,
                which IS hard to understand. In fact, I doubt anyone
                does understand it. AG *

                What would it mean to "understand it" besides being
                able to use the equations to make correct inferences?


            It's an ostensible contradiction with relativity that
            information transfer cannot be instantaneous. Now please
            don't use the semantic dodge that there is no information
            transfer because it's just an "influence". AG*

        The reason touching an entangled system here is correlated
        with it there is the system is the same in both regions of
        space. Quantum mechanics is not really primarily about
        causality in space or spacetime, but rather has a
        representation in space and time.


    *You're in denial. Better to admit a baffling result and let the
    chips fall. AG *

    Are you also baffled by the result of measuring the momentum of
    one of two billard balls after their collision?


*Not if the interaction is treated classically since local realism is assumed. But if it's treated quantum mechanically, the momenta don't exist prior to the measurement. This implies instantaneous action at a distance. AG*

But why does that make baffling?  Do you realize that the classical case would have been baffling before Newton.  Someone would have wondered, "How does the distant billard ball know what momentum to have?  It's witchcraft."


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