On Monday, April 16, 2018 at 4:57:40 PM UTC, Lawrence Crowell wrote:
> On Sunday, April 15, 2018 at 4:34:11 PM UTC-5, agrays...@gmail.com wrote:
>> *Don't you think it's somewhat dishonorable to accuse me of "not getting 
>> it" despite the alleged valiant efforts of you and others on Vic's list to 
>> show me the light, when in fact my primary and possibly only previous 
>> argumentation on this subject was in the context of Vic's claim to use time 
>> reversal to come up with an explanatory model of non locality? Vic was 
>> trying to close a gap, but it couldn't work since he was relying on 
>> hand-waving and "proof by diagram". I was correct to criticize this 
>> approach, as you now essentially acknowledge. But earlier, here, you were 
>> memory challenged and obviously annoyed by my pov on non locality -- simply 
>> that we are lacking an explanatory model -- and thus conjured up false 
>> facts to reduce your annoyance; namely, to falsely allege how obtuse I have 
>> been despite previous efforts to show me my (non existent) errors. AG*
> I leave the ball in your court to do the reading and study required to 
> actually understand this. I really do not have time to write an almost 
> endless succession of posts on this topic.  You have a tendency with 
> arguments to whittle away a point to infinitesimals as you cite an almost 
> endless nested set of objections, most of which are not particularly valid. 
> L

*Now you're behaving indistinguishable from the HOI POLLOI who have ZERO 
recollection of history and great disdain for serious argumentation, which, 
by its very nature, is often extended. You're the kind of person, very 
common, who would have endorsed the drinking of the Hemlock. Let me refresh 
your memory, AGAIN. On VIc's thread my primary discussion concerning non 
locality was to deny his time reversal model as viable. How could it be 
insofar as it relied on hand-waving and "proof by diagram"? Recently, here, 
you have AFFIRMED the validity of my opinion. Can't you recall? It was 
YESTERDAY! As for my posts having little or no validity, sometimes, even 
when mistaken, they have value in stimulating useful discussion. I surmise 
this never occurred to a big brain like you. I will be kind and not 
specifically relay what some have said of your arcane posts and endless 
stream of mostly unintelligible speculations; user UN-friendly; not worth 
reading; not being taken seriously! But we politely indulge them 
nevertheless without any complaining. So I suggest you take your arrogance 
and shove it where the Sun never shines. AG* 

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