Philip Goff is the primary author of the SEP article on the general subject

while he (@Philip_Goff on Twitter, links to his web site and videos there) 
has written on* micropsychism* (also reviewed above)

    *Cosmopsychism, Micropsychism and the Grounding Relation* 

His book (likely mostly what he has been presenting on his Twitter feed in 
the last year) will be called 

     *Galileo's Error*
     *Foundations for a New Science of Consciousness*

Goff is in the same "camp" mostly with Galen Strawson

     *Consciousness Isn't a Mystery. It's Matter.*
Experience is a first-class property of matter. But at what levels and 
configurations of matter is the question.

This is pretty much the opposite of the "emergence" view:

    *Panpsychism vs. Emergentism*

- pt

On Monday, April 15, 2019 at 1:16:12 PM UTC-5, Cosmin Visan wrote:
> Where can I find Philip Goff's ideas ? Maybe you can summarize them here 
> so we can discuss. But to answer your question, my book deals specifically 
> with the emergent structure of consciousness and the nature of 
> self-reference, so it is a rather specialized book. It is not your everyday 
> "materialism vs idealism" endless debate. In my book I actually do 
> something in moving the science of consciousness further, by doing real 
> science of consciousness. So I guess my book cannot compare too much with 
> other books out there that are wasting energy in endless debates instead of 
> actually doing something.
> Btw, I also have a presentation at the Science & Nonduality conference 
> from last year, where I present about The Emergent Structure of 
> Consciousness:
> On Tuesday, 9 April 2019 08:30:52 UTC+3, Philip Thrift wrote:
>> Although his book isn't out yet, how do you think your approach compares 
>> to Philip Goff's:

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