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Back to basics. There exists a universal wavefunction that evolves
according to the Schrodinger equation. Observers are internal
in this description. Whether or not one believes that the Born rule
be derived or not, what matters in practice is that you'll end up
to use it, so you have to assign a measure for observations that is
given by the summation of the squared modulus of the states that
correspond to those observations. The information about personal
identity must then also be extracted from the wavefunction, so one
cannot insert this in an ad hoc way.

Quantum immortality is therefore wrong because the measure of the
that correspond to extremely old observers is small.

This means that if you don’t know if you are young or very old and
have to guess, you are more likely to be right if you guess that you
are young. But it does not mean that you won’t inevitably become
very old.--

Indeed, there is always going to be a very small probability of finding yourself in a very atypical situation. In the MWI we would need to take into account all possible relevant processes here, and forgetting about some fact and learning about that again will tend to replace extremely atypical information from he memory and replace that by more typical information.

So if I forget about that accident in 1987 my collar bone won't have been broken and it will be straight again?

In the MWI the so-called stability of records of measurements is not valid in an absolute sense. It's only valid in each branch, but you can hop from one to another branch such that all your memories are swapped with those of your copy. So, if I find myself to be a trillion years old and I go top sleep then I'll most likely wake up as a copy that has that information about me being a trillion years old replaced by a more reasonable lower number.

If that happened how would you know?  You'd be finding yourself where you were...which is just a tautology.

This also means that even if you win the lottery and become a multi millionaire, you'll very likely end up forgetting this and finding yourself to not having won the lottery.

Which is to say you'd not win.


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