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> On Thu, Mar 3, 2022 at 6:06 PM Bruce Kellett <bhkellet...@gmail.com>
> wrote:
> >>  the key is understanding what "the collapse of the wave function"
>>> means physically. Many Worlds says everything that is not forbidden is
>>> mandatory so everything Schrodinger's wave equation does not rule out
>>> does physically happen, so "collapse" just means that different solutions
>>> to Schrodinger's equation are ... well... different. And the great virtue
>>> of tautologies is that they're always true. Richard Feynman said all the
>>> weirdness in quantum mechanics can be found in the  2 slit experiment, so I
>>> will use that to illustrate the point. This is how I think Many Worlds
>>> would describe the two-slit experiment and several variations of it.
>> *> I take the fact that you have changed the subject to a many worlds
>> account of the two-slit experiment as clear evidence that you do not have a
>> local many worlds account of the question at issue, namely, a local account
>> of Bell-type correlations.*
> Just exchange the 2 slits in the experiments that I described with a
> polarizer and then the world would split because of polarization
> differences not because of which slip the photon went through, or if you
> prefer exchange the photons with electrons and the 2 slits with a
> Stern-Gerlach magnet, and then the world will split because of differences
> in spin of the electron; after that everything I said was still hold true,
> and nowhere would there be a need to invoke non-local influences. And you
> can build any Bell-type experiment you like with polarization or with spin,

Yes. But you have to show how non-separable states can exhibit locality.
Or, at least, you are required to show in detail how the correlation arise
locally, in many worlds, or in any other theory.

> *> Saibal's account below is every bit as non-local as the original
>> quantum account.*
> I don't know what you mean by "the original quantum account" but 
> Superdeterminism
> is the only way to have determinism, locality, and reality, nothing else
> can give you all three. Superdeterminism is also very very dumb, it's so
> dumb I find it astonishing that anybody takes it seriously when it has the
> same intellectual gravitas as  geocentrism,
> *> You equivocate on the word "world".*
> I did? I thought I was being clear, for these purposes the words "world"
> and "universe" are interchangeable and have exactly the same meaning they
> have when used in any other context. I meant nothing new or exotic in the
> words.

Worlds are disjoint and do not interact. Your wave function components are
not disjoint until decoherence makes them non-interacting.

> *> What you are really talking about here are just components of a
>> superposed wave function.*
> The word "just" in the above is not powerful enough to destroy the Many 
> World's
> idea, you're gonna have to do one hell of a lot better than that.

I am not trying to demolish many worlds. I am just pointing out that it is
no more a local theory than is any collapse theory.


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