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It's the fact that Bob knows that he has a copy who found the
spin and in that sector the state of Alice is different that makes
not a dynamical non-local effect. But if collapse is real and the
Bob does not exist, then there is a real fundamental problem with
non-locality. Note that we don't need to get into the Bell-type
correlations here, these are only relevant to prove that the random
results after a measurement cannot be due local hidden variables.
that this is an established experimental fact we can just assume
this it
be true. So, Bob collapsing not just his own spin but also Alice's
is a problem if the collapse is real. But in the MWI there is no
collapse, all the other sectors objectively exist, it's just that
and Alice's sector are correlated with all non-local effects having
arisen via local dynamics.

Yes, and all that is possible because Many Worlds is local but not
realistic, in comparison to something like Pilot Wave Theory which is
realistic but not local, or Shut Up And Calculate which is, ....
well..., adherence to that viewpoint insist I'm not allowed to say, or
even think about, what it is.

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Indeed. Also what Sidney Coleman said here:



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