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> On Sun, Apr 24, 2022 at 7:12 PM Alan Grayson <agrays...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > *Maybe because you're mentally retarded? You posted Sean's 
>> "explanation" for where the energy comes from to create the world's which 
>> infatuate you! If a world has 1% probability of existing according to 
>> Born's rule, it has 1% of the original total energy!*
> I've explained this to you before but that time I used words that an 
> intelligent adult should understand, but you didn't, so this time I'll 
> imagine I'm speaking to a child with a learning disability, maybe that will 
> work. We've known for a long time there's no way to detect the absolute 
> energy level of anything, we can only detect the energy difference between 
> two things, but there is no way an observer in one universe can compare his 
> energy level with an observer in another universe, so the fact that one 
> universe may have 10 times more energy than another has no observable 
> consequences to anybody in either universe. 
> > *This is pure genius, from Caltech!*
> Any professor of theoretical physics at Caltech is one hell of a lot 
> smarter than you Mr. Carl Sagan co-author, Mr. 
> Flying-Saucer-Men-Landed-In-Roswell-New-Mexico, And unlike you I'm damn 
> sure he knows enough grade school physics to understand that you need to 
> obtain hyper sonic speed to get into Earth orbit. 

I was thinking of level flight at supersonic speed, not escape velocity. 

As for papers with CS, there was a third one, where Carl promised to put my 
name first. It involved the atmosphere of Jupiter, and a series solution, 
the convergence of which in closed form that I determined. Over the next 
year I asked him when he would write it. He was always affirmative but did 
nothing, which left a lasting negative impression. I would have preferred 
his candidness; possibly that the numerical results, obtained by Morrison, 
didn't reveal any interesting physics. I never disclosed my 
dissatisfaction, and later had him write a letter of recommendation for a 
position at JPL. I got the job and worked there from 1984 to 1998 on the 
Galileo Project, eventually becoming the Flight Software Cognizant 
Engineer. The software never failed, except in very few trivial instances. 

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