On Monday, April 25, 2022 at 4:09:23 AM UTC+3 Bruce wrote:

> Despite Carroll's protestations (and the similar protestations of others), 
> energy cannot be conserved in the multiverse -- each split must duplicate 
> the energy of the whole as many times as there are branches.

Thanks for the citation. From the discussion so far, there seems to be no 
meaning in adding energy from different universes, so this is neither right 
not wrong (therefore, nuts). I think that this idea becomes meaningful only 
if we consider something like the gravitational field of an electron in a 
double-slit interference experiment: Caroll's idea implies that field 
(outside the box) would be as if generated by the electron-as wave, without 
decoherence. I suggest that we look at the consequences of this conclusion, 
to assess the plausibility of the idea.

George K.

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