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> On 08-05-2022 06:04, Bruce Kellett wrote:
> > On Sun, May 8, 2022 at 11:21 AM smitra <smi...@zonnet.nl> wrote:
> >
> >> The issues with branches etc. are likely just artifacts with making
> >> hidden assumptions about branches. At the end of the day there are
> >> only
> >> a finite number of states an observer can be in. If an observer is
> >> modeled as an algorithm, take e.g. Star Trek's Mr. Data then it's
> >> clear
> >> that there are only a finite number of bitstrings that can
> >> correspond to
> >> the set of all possible things Mr. Data can be aware of.
> >
> > Everett is supposed to be QM without observers. So the number of
> > things that Mr Data can possibly be aware of is irrelevant. According
> > to the SE, all branches are equivalent. All else flows from this --
> > there are no further "hidden assumptions about branches".
> >
> Yes, but I'm not a big fan of "sticking to scripture". What matters for
> me is that collapse is inconsistent with the SE, therefore we should
> consider QM without collapse and see how to best to move forward on that
> basis.

That still treats the SE as indubitally true. No theory in physics is
'indubitably true'.

The Everett program is to say that the SE is all that there is -- it
explains everything. That is clearly false (no Born rule in the SE), so it
might be wise to doubt the universal application of the SE.


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