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War: An Unawakened Consciousness Problem

[Philip Benjamin]
  What makes anything WRONG? That answer depends on why ANYTHING, rather than 
NOTHING? Right and wrong have no meaning if there is no ABSOLUTE. Law of 
Relativity is meaningless without the Law of the ABSOLUTENESS of the in vacuo 
speed of light. Perhaps Relativity is a wrong term in science. Relationality is 
more rational. Wamp-the-Ingrate then could not have misused it in psycho-social 
Philip Benjamin.

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Subject: RE: [Consciousness-Online] FW: Unspoken Reasons for Russio-Ukraine 
War: An Unawakened Consciousness Problem

Dear Philip,

People will have read my original email, I hope, so the shortening of it, 
theoretically, doesn't matter.

But I think the point I was making was lost somehow in your reply, so I will 
just add - if you don't mind - that there is nothing wrong with someone being 
homosexual, but

1. bu**ery gives you cancer, so there is every reason not to practise it.

2. bu**ery can give your victim or partner cancer, so there is every reason not 
to practise it.

3 The pornography industry appears to promote the idea that sex is buttery

'Buttery' is actually illegal in the UK and USA, I quote from West's 
Encyclopedia of American Law, edition 2. 2008.


The criminal offense of anal or oral copulation by penetration of the male 
organ into the anus or mouth of another person of either sex or copulation 
between members of either sex with an animal. Bu**ery is historically referred 
to as a "crime against nature." It is an offense under both Common 
 and statutes. Although prosecution is rare, the punishment upon conviction can 
be a fine, imprisonment, or both.

But it seems to be largely unenforceable as a law.

The distinction is not being made between the predilections of the person and 
the way they express them.

Tennyson for example wrote "In Memoriam A.H.H." [ a poem published in 1850] as 
a requiem for his Cambridge friend Arthur Henry Hallam, who died suddenly of a 
cerebral haemorrhage in Vienna in 1833, aged 22. Tennyson clearly loved Hallam 
to bits, he was besotted, but given the poem, which is heart wrenching in the 
grief it expresses, I am absolutely certain that this was not 'physical' in any 
way shape or form.

It is possible to be besotted by someone and never lay a finger on them and 
this distinction seems to have been forgotten. There are all sorts of very 
unsavoury people making comments about Lewis Carroll, but the comments say more 
about the people making them than Carroll himself. He loved children because 
with them he lost his stutter.

Boys and girls have 'crushes' when they are young on all sorts of things. And I 
was in love with my dog, in my sixties, but I just used to hug him and give him 
way too many biscuits.

Perhaps the Russian priests dislike the dreadful way in which love has somehow 
been equated with sex in America. One is an animal act used to create 
offspring, the other is an undescribable feeling of affection, togetherness and 

Let's face it, I love Serge, but I don't even know what he looks like. And I 
have certainly never met him. I love him for who he is and how well we seem to 
get on together. We have created around 200 videos together now, which has to 
be an indicator of this.

The pornography industry has done a great deal of damage in many ways, because 
it seems to promote sex without love. Women actually long for just love you 
know. Kindness, compassion, understanding, gentleness, consideration, 

It is there in america. When I worked there men showed considerable kindness 
towards me and no advances were made. But some of the women there terrified me. 
I'm not sure Madonna has done women any favours.

Overall you can love anyone or anything, same sex, different sex, human or not, 
but I think 'the East' is horrified by the way the west seems to equate sex and 
love , when they are actually two completely different things.

Anyway I'll stop now. Just wanted to clarify


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War: An Unawakened Consciousness Problem
[Philip Benjamin]
Who is not born a criminal, or prone to anything else described below? Lt 
him/her that is perfect “cast the first stone”!! Every baby comes out screaming 
not smiling. Is not every baby born is a horrible creature? So what is new here?
What would any one prefer? Children be left to the School Board run by Marxist 
socialist pagans who want all children programmed to their ways by 
indoctrinations and hormonal treatments without parental knowledge or consent? 
Or children’s morality and faith be left to the parents and their faith’s 
influence and atmosphere? Marxists with their diabolic utopia of dictates and 
mandates have infiltrated every sphere of life on planet earth- civil, 
military, pulpits, pews, academia, media and so on. Most people are either 
indifferent or ignorant of this invidious menace. The Marxist pagans take full 
advantage of that for their propaganda and conquest.
Philip Benjamin
Nonconformist to Marxist-socialist-fascist pagan globalism
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Subject: Re: [Consciousness-Online] FW: Unspoken Reasons for Russio-Ukraine 
War: An Unawakened Consciousness Problem
Dear Philip
It rather bemuses me that people in America do not understand why Russians do 
not want to be overrun by the values of the west. By attacking Ukraine they 
have only shown themselves to be as bad if not worse, but maybe we should be 
listening to Russia's complaints:
Homosexuality – people are born homosexual, it was once an act of nature, but 
these days it is the side-effect of many drugs and foods.
Abortion –
No religion supports murder, it is fundamental in all religions that you should 
not kill. So what Russia is about, no one really knows given that no genuine 
priest would ever condone murder of any sort
Pornography - English novelist JG Ballard famously said, "A widespread taste 
for pornography means that nature is alerting us to some threat of extinction."
The pornography industry is apparently so big …The Internet is flooded with 
pornography. You can’t escape it. …
If you look at where pornography is illegal it is ‘the East’, which in this 
case includes Russia [even though they appear to make it].
All these things seem to be inter-related to me. As a 72 year old married for 
nearly 47 years, all these things strike me as very unsavoury, but I am certain 
the east considers them far worse.
I think the people of the west need to step back and ask why Russia, Africa, 
India, China and so many nations are not supporting the West in their defence 
of Ukraine. That is the sort of awakening that is needed first.
Russia may not be doing the right thing, in fact given how much I care about 
Serge, it is doing an appalling thing, but why doesn't someone start to realise 
why they have done this and start to address it?

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Subject: [Consciousness-Online] FW: Unspoken Reasons for Russio-Ukraine War: An 
Unawakened Consciousness Problem
Philip Benjamin Friday, May 13, 2022 10:00 AM<>
Subject: RE: Unspoken Reasons for Russio-Ukraine War: An Unawakened 
Consciousness Problem
[Philip Benjamin]
Samiya Illias may be right, but who cares for the Bible? Islam consider it as a 
lost Book, with the current copies as all fake. See below what modern Judaism 
views about the Torah. Whe America was founded there were > 98.8% Protestants, 
<1% Roman Catholics and < 0.2% Jews and they all recognized the current copies 
of OT and/or NT as true to the Originals. {Koran called them as People of the 
Book). The Bible was the only authority for 98.8 % of the population, whether 
they practiced it or not! That is ludicrous and abominable today. The “Two 
Great Awakenings” (1 st led by the prodigious philosopher Jonathan Edwards, the 
founder of Princeton University and the 2 nd led by the President of Yale 
University), were both the outcome in individual life by ‘the Word through the 
operation of the Spirit to the Knowledge of Redemptive History fulfilled in the 
vicarious death, burial and resurrection of the Messiah according to the 
eternal counsel of the Triune Adonai (plural) YHWH (singular) Elohim 
(uni-plural). There is the difference of light and darkness between 
WAMP-the-Ingrate of today and the “Awakened America” for which the 
ex-seminarian turned Marxist pagan Hitler unconsciously coined the term 
“American Exceptionalism”. There are only two ways out of the present doldrums: 
1. A Third Great Awakening, perhaps led by a President of a university of 
Gomorrah 2. Civil War as desired or wishfully/willfully thought out probably by 
a WAMP product below.
Philip Benjamin
Nonconformist to Marxist-socialist-fascist pagan globalism.<><>
 Wed 11 May 2022 05.18 EDT
“Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich, who served in President Bill Clinton’s 
administration, on Wednesday explained why he believes the second American 
Civil War is already in progress.”
[Philip Benjamin]
Samiya Illias quote “The Torah, The Bible, and The Quran warn against 
homosexual relationships,”<>
 Y.H Kahn
PMID: 2696758 DOI: 10.1300/J082v18n03_03
Progressive Jews have begun in recent years to question the underlying premises 
of traditional Jewish teaching on sexuality. Employing the categories of 
covenant theology and applying the interpretative methodology of liberal 
Judaism, the author argues for the valuation of the person as homosexual as a 
legitimate expression of human and Jewish covenantal obligation.<>?
 fri Ilany Aug. 5, 2015 Updated: Apr. 24, 2018 Homosexuality Is Part of Jewish 
 Israel’s health minister: Overturning Roe v. Wade would be ‘a fatal blow to 
human rights’ Philissa Cramer Posted May 4, 2022<>?
 Jewish organizations say restricting abortion access would violate their 
religious freedoms….. Jewish communities react to the possible overturning of 
Roe v. Wade, which could violate their First Amendment rights Katie Balevic and 
Katherine Tangalakis-Lippert
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Consciousness Problem
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